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A tool of very hard material, usually metal, created in a special shape to do a specific job of cutting, scoring, stamping, embossing or debossing into softer material.


Producing a die by injecting molten metal into a regular mold or custom-created cavity.

4-color process

Filters and screens are used to separate a color image into the four color values used in printing-cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and black, which produces a color separation of the four images. A custom printing plate is made for each color and they are printed one at a time, with drying time in between if necessary. These four colors can be combined to create thousands of colors just as your computer printer does. magazines and catalogs are produced using the 4-color process method.

pantone matching system (pms)

An industry standard used to identify and match the color you are using in your logo/artwork. This system is highly accurate and produces consistent results. Some of our factories require a PMS color match charge to mix certain colors they do not stock.

over-runs and under-runs

A quality control method that requires the factory to run an extra number of units through the machines. The additional units compensate for any errors or mistakes that may occur during the mass imprinting process. This quality control method is done at an additional charge to you. You can opt not to have this applied to your order, but you will run the risk of receiving some items that have errors or mistakes.

pre-production proof (pre-pro)

A proof/sample of an item with your imprint on it that is run on your request before the final order is sent to the factory. It is mainly used on large-scale orders or expensive items for quality assurance. This is not a very costly process but it can add up to 5-10 days to your delivery time.

production proof

A running charge is applied to your order whenever you customize your item with additional colors and/or locations. This charge is meant to cover the material cost of running your item through the machines multiple times. For example, if you want an additional color imprinted on your item, the running charge would be the cost for the ink used.

set up charge

The cost associated with setting up the complex machinery to imprint an item. This cost is additional per color and location you add to the item.


A name or logo that identifies the product and/or service with its maker and/or manufacturer. The trademark is usually a symbol, ® or ™, that appear to the right of the product or service name.

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